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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Personalized service. Very little or no wait time."

"Personal touch as a part of the community."

"Everyone is so nice and they don't leave you waiting for a long time."

"How prompt they are and helpful."

"The people"

"Love the friendly faces"

"How friendly and helpful you all are, and remember our names just a very warm feeling"

"Small, personable place where I feel like I'm a neighbor."

"The staff!!! And the efficiency and convenience."

"Amazing staff that's knowledgeable, always helpful and always kind. It feels like they know me and truly care about my health. I send EVERYONE I know to Carolina Mountain Pharmacy! It's so much better than the big chain pharmacies!"

"Everyone there is so helpful and courteous. The prescriptions are reasonable and are filled in a very timely matter."

"Personalized service."

"Treating me like a valued customer"

"Great, knowledgeable staff, excellent prices, quick service, and truly caring folks!"

"Extremely efficient! Warm and friendly staff. Convenient location. Great customer service is their top priority!"

"Incredible customer service!"

"Staff and convenience"

"Excellent customer service, fast and dependable service"

"Jared and staff are knowledgeable and friendly"

"They go above and beyond for their customers. Super friendly. Know our names."

"The convenience and great service!"

"Drive thru friendly"

"Personal attention. Accuracy."

"Personal service."


"Awesome customer service"

"The staff is very very nice and seems to thoroughly enjoy their job. I love being a part of Carolina Mountain Pharmacy. Jared is awesome"

"I love the location and the fast, friendly service!"

"Efficiency and friendliness"

"Best prices I have found. Very fast refills. They know me by name at first site. Treat me as family. Very knowledgable. I just love everyone at Carolina Mountain Pharmacy. I have and will continue to recommend the pharmacy highly. Great Job!"

"All of your employees, owner included, are very personable! Everyone is most helpful!!"


You can help Carolina Mountain Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!